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Ann Price

Artist Bio

Ann Price is a public figure, who works with twenty-nine charities worldwide.


She is an artist and world traveler. While she is touring, doing charitable works or on holiday she delights in taking photography. These photographs she then turns into Paintings, Photo Prints and merchandise for your enjoyment.

Ann creates One of a kind Decorative Eggs, Gold and Silver Hand Embroidery, and Handmade lace.  The Eggs, Embroidery and Lace are always sold out within a few minutes of posting them. So check back often. 

Her art medium is a vast assortment, from creative Photography, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Paintings and digital, to all-natural material such as real eggs and clays.

In her creations, you will see Ann Price, her family, and, pets.  You will also see animals in their natural habitat, her home gardens, ancestral homes, and tourist gardens.

Her Interest is in Photography, Painting, Gardening, History, Architecture, and Nature.

Her valued entertainment options are always Classical Music, Symphonies, Ballet’s, Opera’s, Theatrical Play’s, Art Gallery’s, Museums and Nature.

Contact: Ann Price 

Phone: (888) 659-9372

email: office@ladyanncreations.com